SoulFlower Natural Hair Products

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SoulFlower Scalp and Hair Oil: Specifically formulated for a healthy scalp and GROWING HAIR

2oz bottle: $10

4oz bottle: $16

SoulFlower Leave In Hydration & Detangling Mist: A Scent that Delights and Relaxes, while detangling you curls and Serving as a Leave In Conditioner for Loose Natural Hair as well as Loc’s

8oz bottle: $12

16 oz bottle: $22

SoulFlower Twist & Braid Butter: Shea and the perfect Essential Oils combine in this butter making it a must have for for styling your natural hair or retwisting your Locs

2oz jar: $8

4oz jar: $15

SoulFlower CURL Accentuation Cream: Just what it says darling ACCENTUATE THOSE CURLS, with this “Wash and Go” Curl Cream

4oz jar: $10

SoulFlower RECLAIM YOUR EDGES: A blend of oils formulated to regrown your edges

1oz : $5

Soul FLOWER Steam/Bath Herbs

Try our Custom Soul FLOWER Steam Blends at home. Simply place a prepared bag of custom blended herbs in your bath.

The Queen Steam; The Flower Meditation Steam; The Hot Flower Steam: 1 Bath Set $7 (2 tea bags) * 5 Bath Set $25 (10 tea bags)

The Fluffy Flower Steam: 1 Bath Set $8 (2 tea bags) * 5 Bath Set $35 (10 tea bags)

A Flower Heals Steam: 1 Bath Set $10 (2 tea bags) * 5 Bath Set $45 (10 Tea Bags)

Spiritual/Healing Bath Kit: Custom Steam for 1 Bath, Set of Chakra Crystals/Stones, Palo Santo Stick, Candle, Incense $50