Shennan “Soul~Flower” Scott


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  1. I have not had a relaxer in over 4 months but I have been wearing micros. I do not want to relax ever again! But, I have a lot of hair!!! So, what can I do with thick, medium length natural hair other than cut it off? I also workout every day and my head sweats terribly. I need something that will last through all the sweating! Any suggestions?

  2. Hi I currently have a karrington treatment my hair is always straight so I don’t feel like my hair is natural this is why I’m contacting you because I need help my hair

  3. Hi Shennan,

    I’ve had natural hair for a long time but I’m getting bored with the regular afro(when I’m running to work in the morning.) or the standard twist out look. I don’t always have the time to sit and have someone treat my hair. I need advice on what to do to maintain soft, manageable hair on a daily basis. Also, I started using Argan oil but once it’s applied to my hair, it’s dry & stiff again. I live in Brooklyn,ny without a car so travelling to your salon isn’t an option. I don’t like a lot of hands in my hair, so I try to do my own hair. Would you be able to recommend any products?

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