BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr Its Getting Cold Out There!

You have your coat (check), You have your scarves (check), You have your gloves (check), and I KNOW you have those boots (check) – What do you have in place for your Natural Hair?

  • Co-wash – Yes, I am very pro-cowashing.  Co-washing does not strip your Natural Hair, yet still cleanses your Natural Hair.  Take your favorite deep conditioner and use it as if it is shampoo (you will not see suds), but scrub away, your Natual Hair will love this!  (If at any time you feel your hair has build up, or needs clarifying, mix half water and half apple cidar vinegar – as a clarifying “shampoo”)
  • Deep Condition – Once you are finished cleaning your Natural Hair, apply a deep conditioning treatment.  To intensify this treatment for the cold months – add your favorite carrier oil (EVOO, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, etc), you can also add your favorite essential oil (Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavendar, Ylang Ylang, etc)  Mix them well.  Apply to your Natural Hair – sure that all strands receive some love.  Then divide your hair into 4 big braids (or more if necessary), cover your Natural Hair with a plastic cap – then RELAX, or do your Saturday Morning Cleaning, or pop a hat on and do your running around.  Leave it on as long as you’d like.  When you rinse, do so with cool water (leave the braids in) rinse and squeeze, rinse and squeeze – until the water runs clear.
  • Oils – If you choose to oil, your scalp or Natural Hair – do so at this time, while the hair is still wet, so it may absorb all the love you’re giving it.
  • Styling – Protective Style options are literally endless.  As simple as the throwback – two cornrows to as extravagant as the Queen Hawk.  Style your Natural Hair, protect those ends – Keep It Simple and Sexy!

Feel Free to Post some of your Winter Care Tips as well as pictures of your Protective Styling Ideas!


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