Henna and the Natural Lady

Henna is a permanent, vegetable based natural way of coloring natural hair SAFELY. There are some common misconceptions about henna:

* Henna for lightening dark hair – Henna does not lighten hair. To lighten hair chemicals are usually used that lift layers of color off the hair before depositing the lighter color. Henna only deposits color. Henna adds a tint of color in shades of red tones.

* Henna and greying hair – Henna is excellent for grey hair. From auburn to jet black the henna attaches beautifully to grey hair. Producing beautiful high-lights or marching your natural hair tone (when used with indigo)

* Henna and your natural curl pattern – Certain Hennas can actually loosen your natural curl pattern! Be very certain the henna you are choosing is pure! Many over the counter Hennas contain impurities including metals that can overtime loosen your curl pattern. The henna used at Soul~Flower Boutique is pure henna, the same henna used in skin art.

All in all Henna is a great way to color your natural hair especially if you wish to cover greying hair. My clients love it! If you have any questions feel free to email me at soulflower71@gmail.com




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