Healthy Hair – Healthy LIFE

This entry is a bit personal, and hits close to home.  I love my natural hair, ADORE it, and although I am not my hair, it is a big part of my life, its my favorite accessory – lol I never leave home without it!

Keeping our natural hair healthy has become so important in our lives, in researching the benefits of such things as making sure what we put into our bodies are good for us and as a result good for our hair, I’ve learned so much!

As we all know water is crucial for our well-being – mind, body, soul and hair!  Stay hydrated everyone, keep a bottle of water at your desk – refill it at the water cooler.  Make a personal goal of how many bottles you’ll drink throughout the day, and if you are unsure of the PH of the water you’re drinking keep a lemon in the office refrigerator and add a slice of lemon to each bottle, it balances the acid.

Veggies, man o boy what a gigantic role veggies have played in my life in the past 6 months.  I am already a “decent” vegetable eater, but I’ve cut out meat (if you don’t count the occasional chicken wing I give into).  I originally began my vegetable challenge with a plant-based eating plan.  I began with staying in the produce aisle of the grocery store (addicted to earth fare), I made many grilled veggie wraps – simple and easy, bean burgers topped with tomato and onion, salads salads salads – adding green beans, kale, spinach, strawberries etc to keep it exciting (because this woman LOVES to eat).  I was very sure to stay away from any white foods – as I was aware the turn into sugar.  And to my surprise I did not miss the meat at all, not only that, I lost weight – about 10 lbs in 6-8 weeks.

As you start living the healthier lifestyle, you begin actually seeking other opportunities to make healthy choices in your life.  Healthy options to “fix” certain problems such as headaches, migraines, body aches, fatigue, etc.  And the mission continued, I learned about Black Girls Run – Greensboro, they are a great group of ladies that meet daily to “run” (this includes run/walkers and walkers) – be sure to look them up, they are a wonderful source of motivation.  I discovered HOT/Bikram Yoga and when I tell you I fell in love!!!  Ease the Mind and the Soul, remove stress and tension, soothe the muscles and drop a few pounds too!!!   I discovered JUICING Veggies – and the words cannot express the feeling that goes through the body when you drink a cup or two or three …… or more of freshly juiced vegetables!  Energy flows through your body from HAIR to toe!!

Dont be afraid to expand your healthiness past your beautiful natural hair all the way through to your beautiful natural bodies!  You may actually like  what you find – living a healthy lifestyle is a journey worth exploring – just as the journey with your natural hair.  What you learn may astound you!

Let YOUR Soul Flower!!


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