This may actually be the biggest fear we have – Damaging our Natural Kinks and Curls, even Waves with Heat!  Every once in a while we may want to try on some “straight” for many various reasons – To check our “hang time”, for the Holidays or a Special occasion or Just to try a New look for a week or two.  But what happens when you go to wash your hair and it DOESNT REVERT!!


First – Stay calm, you must have a calm head to grasp the fact that your curls may be gone – this is the hardest part!  The next hardest part is patience – Patience will be required if any damage has occurred.

How Heat Damage Happens:

There are many reasons for heat damage, the main one of course being – TOO MUCH HEAT!  You can get heat damage by the constant use of heated appliances on your hair, for example many women choose to flat-iron through their transition phase of going natural – this can cause heat damage resulting in many different textures in the hair ranging from bone straight to curls and kinks.  Too Much Heat!  Some gotten services with the use of not only a hot comb, but a hot comb followed up with a flat iron.  Too Much Heat!  Maybe you’ve applied Oils to your hair before flat ironing – causing the hair to actually be cooked in the processed.  Too Much Heat!  Do Not Flat Iron “dirty hair” – make sure it is shampooed/clean!

How to Avoid Heat Damage:

One way is to of course seek out the services of a Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist.  If you choose to straighten your Natural Hair on your own, Be sure your hair is thoroughly cleaned before the process – either via shampoo washing or co washing.  Do a deep conditioning treatment and rinse your Natural Hair thoroughly.  Apply a leave in conditioner (I prefer Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk) – then gently blow out your Natural hair.  Once it is dry – proceed with the flat ironing process (make sure it is not too hot).  You can add gloss if you’d like, but there should be a natural shine from your healthy hair.

WARNING SIGNS: If you smell burning hair – STOP!! – that means you’re burning your hair, essentially cooking it. 

What if your hair is already damaged –

How To Fix Heat Damaged Natural Hair!

First of all don’t worry – I will not tell you to run and get the first pair of scissors you can find.  There are different ways the hair can be damaged.  The damage can result in bone straight portions of the hair, thinned hair, kinks are now waves or curls, no tightness, no poof, etc.  Your goal is to build back up the protein that is now missing from your hair.  This repairing process can take 3-6 months to get your Natural Hair back to normal, or just as close to normal as you can depending on your damage.  Remember this is a gradual process but at the end of it – if you do indeed need scissors, it should not be as traumatic.

At Home Remedy: Apply Egg to your hair in sections.  The egg(s) should be mixed with a fork as if you were scrambling them for breakfast (but don’t add any seasonings). Apply the egg to the damaged portions of your hair.  If your entire hair is damaged, start at the base of your neck, and apply the egg one section at a time.  Make sure the hair is coated in the egg.  Now you need to let the egg totally AIR (DO NOT SIT UNDER A DRYER – the egg will cook on your hair) dry on your hair.  This dry time can range from 20 mins to hours (depending on how much hair you’ve applied it to and the thickness of your hair).  Dont manipulate the hair TOO much while drying.  Once its dry (or you’re just tired of the egg feeling), rinse your hair with luke warm water – DO NOT RINSE WITH HOT WATER (the egg will cook on your hair).  Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo and apply a deep protein conditioner – for as long as you can keep it on your hair.  Rinse with cool water and style as usual (NO HEAT), the less manipulation – the better.  Repeat this process as often as you wash your hair to rebuild protein.

For more intense protein, only use egg whites

Aphogee treatment has been suggested by some stylists and sites – although I do not use that product on my clients.

SoulFlower Remedy: For my clients I use Zizyphus Spina Christi (Sedr).  This is a natural remedy Zizyphus Spina Christi is a desert plant.  The leaves were powdered and used to wash hair before shampoo was available.  It leaves hair clean, shiny, healthy and well conditioned. It does not leave any color in the hair. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IT REPAIRS AND ADDS CURL SLOWLY BUT SURELY!!  By adding thickness and texture to damaged, limp hair!

Contact me at if you need additional information or have any questions!



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