Wish you could get your hair done every week?!  Wish it wouldn’t cost you your first born and all of your worldly possessions?! 

Become a Soul~Flower Naturals Member!  You now have the option of creating a standing appointment with Soul~Flower Natural Hair Care and receiving the service of your choice – weekly for one month – for one reasonable price!!

Take a look at the Following Soul~Flower Natural Hair Packages:

Protective Package 

Protective Style of your choice (two strand twists, two strand flat twists, flat twists, box braids, cornrows, etc) as well as a co-wash and deep conditioning treatment! $115.00/mo

Roller Set Package 

Get your Dominican Style Roller Set or Rodded Roller Set  – includes cowash/shampoo wash and deep conditioning treatment with each visit!! $110.00/mo

Wash & Go Package 

Just want to Wash (cond) and Go! This package is for you!! $35/mo

Wash & Go + Detangling Package

 Just want to Wash (cond) and Go – BUT detangling is a chore for you, we offer this package just for you!! $55/mo

Style Package

This Package = versatility!  One week you may want a Curl Stretching, the next a Two Strand Up Do, and the Next week you may have a special occasion to attend – Then You Want the Style Package!! $150/mo

Please note these packages include unlimited maintenance between styling.  I do not recommend washing more than once a week unnecessarily. 

Become a Soul~Flower Naturals Member TODAY!


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