Did You Know……What Men think of Women with Natural Hair?

I took some time to speak to a few of the men out there, to see what their view is of us Women who Rock our Naturals Proudly!  Soul~Flowers Do It Naturally – What do the men think of that:

Question 1 – Does a Woman’s Hair Syle Matter to You?  The men I interviewed agreed YES it does matter!

G. Grant: hair is a major part of the presentation of a woman to us (men). we are very visual creatures, your looks are stimulus for our reactions. i feel a good/appropriate hair style will ACCENTUATE a womans beauty, not embody it.

Mr. Anonymous: I can’t lie…hair does stuff to me!!

Question 2 – As far as your attraction goes, do you prefer women who choose to be Naturally Kinked Out/loc’d up, Relaxed bone straight or Weaved Tightly?….and Why?

N. Cruz:   As long as it look nice and they keep up with it id does not matter,but no dreds.

G. Grant:    i prefer woman that are natural. i feel that if a woman is to use artificial or chemicals on their hair, that it shouldnt be too artificial….giving off the look that shes trying to be something other than what she is (i.e. an african american woman trying to look as if she has native american, indigenous or even asian ethnicity) or that she has self esteem issues and is trying to achieve the “good hair” look. which comes to my next point, the hair is an expression of a womans comfort level with herself. i find woman that wear their hair naturally tend to be more self confident, less conforming to societal trends and whims. which means that she will not be what the atypical image and ideology of a woman is, which is grand to me…dont want a woman who has a beer money budget trying to portray that she lives a caviar lifestyle…….no bueno. that also reflects serious denial issues or even entitlement issues in my experiences, but thats another topic on another level…..

Mr. Anonymous:  Preference is to see women natural. We got to love ourselves as we were made! Afro Puff defying gravity is a thing of beauty.

Question 3-  Is your current significant other – “Natural”? and did that play a part in her becoming your significant other?

N. Cruz:   She is natural now

G. Grant:   my significant other is natural, has been prior to my dealing with her, and i’d not have her any other way. she finds constant,innovative ways to keep her hairstyles appealing. from twists to cornrows and all styles in between, she has a myriad of styles that she readily employs to keep her hairstyles trendy. the feel of her hair is extremely soft. i never hear “dont touch my hair” whenever we interact. which is EXTREMELY comforting to hear. no worries of her taking hours upon hours to do her hair in the bathroom. no worries of chemicals and other additives being in the house.

Question 4 – Is there anything you dont like about “natural hair” on a woman?

G. Grant:   i can say that ive found any detractions from her wearing her hair naturally except that i dont get to see it daily…..YET……..

Mr. Anonymous:   Haven’t found anything yet, but I live in Maine. Ask me when I get to DC.

N. Cruz:   well this is my first natural women so don’t know yet.


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