Dandruff problem?  Dry Scalp?  Hair Loss due to breakage?  Renewal of cell growth (hair loss)?  Slow Growing Hair?  Oily Hair?  Dry Hair?  Damaged Hair?

Essential Oils are available to help  nearly every type of hair or scalp problem!!  Here are a few examples:

Tea tree oil is a very versatile oil for hair growth and treatment!  A few drops with Olive oil (carrier oil) is an effective treatment of dandruff!! 

         (Olive Oil is effective in allowing dry hair to regain its elasticity – promoting growth)

Rosemary oil encourages hair growth, mixed with Clary Sage oil and using Jojoba as the carrier oil promotes hair growth!

Citrus oils are effective on oily hair, they clean the scalp and condition the hair!

Those are just a few!  Please remember essential oils are too concentrated for direct application to the skin or scalp or hair without a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil.

The question now arises – Do you really want to mix this yourself?!  Take the time to find an aromatherapy specialist in your area for suggestions on the best essential oil and carrier oil combination for your specific hair type that will result in growing lustrous hair for YOU!  Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Specialist coming soon to the Greensboro, NC area STAY TUNED!!


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