Welcome to our Soul~Flower Naturals Boutique Page.  


We are dedicated to caring for Natural Hair, our main purpose is to treat your natural hair with all the love and attention it needs to live a long healthy growing life.

Healthy Natural Hair is our primary priority.  Beautiful Styling that fits your lifestyle is second.  And making sure you enjoy your visit with us is next on the list.

For Licensed Natural Hair Specialist, Shennan Scott, Natural Hair is her Passion!!  Natural for 17 years, 14 years with a Fro and going on her 3 year anniversary with Locs, she loves Natural Hair and loves her clients.  Experienced in working with all hair types from straight to coily and everything in between.  






Book Your Appointment Soon – We look forward to meeting you!





3 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. My scalp felt so loved on and I was welcomed into her salon as a first-time client. I never knew my curls could be so bouncy & defined as they were. She did my first wash and go, and showed me the best technique so I could do it for myself. Will be scheduling again soon! Thank you so much for your awesome service, Shennan.

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